About Us

MERE is a leading real estate investment firm, and seasoned fund manager to institutional and private investors. MERE’s investment philosophy focuses on creating attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors in the commercial real estate net lease, sale-leaseback, and build-to-suit sectors.Since its founding in 2009, MERE has acquired, developed or financed more than $5 billion of office, retail, industrial and healthcare properties. MERE targets investments in primary and secondary markets across the world, mainly in Saudi Arabia, Europe, Americas, Middle East and Asia Pacific that are leased to investment grade tenants on a long-term basis. MERE is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

MERE’s primary focus is to create attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors in the real estate income generating, sale-leaseback, and build to suits sectors. With our managing principal’s experience in successfully developing, acquiring, structuring, financing and disposing over $5 billion assets, we are one of the key players in the industry.

MERE’s relationships with Ultra HNW Investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds, developers, and corporate advisors, allow us to quickly uncover off-market opportunities as well as raising funding for large scale projects. Our expertise in real estate development, capital markets, and internal asset management enables us to execute deals and optimize risk-adjusted returns for our investors. MERE has been customizing solutions for developers in the form of joint-venture equity, mezzanine financing, and forward commitments to purchase the property upon completions. If the deal meets our criteria, MERE will work closely with the developers to create win-win solutions for both parties.

MERE’s investment strategy and philosophy is guided by the fundamental premise that predictable cash flow and limited residual risk are the keys to creating asset value. We have a method that is followed for every deal and has proven successful time and time again.

We focus on the following investment approach:
• Sourcing of deals through industry approach.
• Systematic underwriting, including financial credit and market analysis.
• Methodical due diligence performed by in-house and local market consultants.
• Active management throughout the hold period maximizing returns to investors.

MERE conducts its businesses and investment activities in accordance with Shari’ah principles. Shari’ah is the body of Islamic religious law as interpreted by Muslims jurists or Shari’ah scholars. This includes Ijara, Murabaha, Istisna’a, Tawaruq, and other structures as recommended by our Shari’ah advisors.